How to Get IPL 2019 Ball to Ball Updates?

Since all of us know that Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 is about to commence in the stadiums of India from 5th April. Some of the fans will get easily get to the ground when the match will be held in their cities. The rest of the fans are stick to their Television screens all across the world and you must know about the broadcasting sources as well. Well, there are people who have to work even during the hours of the event and they can’t get to the stadium or to a television set. So, these people use sources such as online news portals and apps in order to get latest IPL 2019 ball to ball updates. So for those people, we have come up with this article so that we could tell them of the easiest resources to get all the updates from their favorite cricket event.

IPL 2018 Ball to Ball Updates

IPL Android App:

Well, the fastest sources you can get if you are an android smartphone user is this official app being developed by the event organizers. When you have some good internet connection and you are getting enough speed for streaming purposes, you can stream the matches live from your IPL live app. This app is available on Google Play Store for absolutely free and you can either download it from there or get the free APK to download this app. Also, if you do not have an internet connection fast enough to stream the match, you can get all the latest ball by ball updates about IPL 2019 on your phone from this website. You can check scores, fixtures, results, and other news and updates from the event. It is better that you stick to the official app since it gets updates every second.

Online Sports Hubs.

Some of the other places from where you can all the latest IPL 2019 ball to ball updates all different online portal and streaming websites which are known for their quick updates. Take ESPN Cricket Info for instance, this is the biggest website where you can get all the latest scores, updates on fixtures and results of any cricket event which is happening in any country all across the globe. Now since the latest event taking place in the stadiums of India is Indian Premier League (IPL) and if you want to get all the latest news and score updates, you can connect to this website right from your smartphone or computer and get them. You can also get the android app for ESPN cricket info and then it gets even easier to have all of these updates on your android smartphone.

So, these were different and quick sources to get latest IPL 2019 ball to ball updates. You can help other fans by commenting more in the section below. Keep visiting this website for more updates on the biggest cricket league event.