IPL 2019 Start Date

So, finally, we are here with the news you have been waiting for desperately. Well, yes, this is the news about the start date of the upcoming edition of Indian Premier League. Indian Premier League 2019 or IPL 12 is going to be the 12th edition of this massive cricket tournament. There is not a bigger news for cricket fans than when they hear that their favorite and the biggest cricket league event is going to be inaugurated in the month of April. Even though the start date is said to be 4th April, it is not certain and we could see changes in it.

Depending upon the IPL 2019 Auction, the final date will be any between the 4th of April and 31st May but since every year’s edition started in April, we can also be sure of it and 4th April 2019 seems the good date. That is why all of you who need to start preparing for the event, should keep this date in mind and start preparing according to it. Start booking tickets, set your eyes on the auction, and prepare your home cinemas because the biggest league event is about to start in April.

IPL 2019 Start Date: News and Updates

Just so you know, Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 which will be the 12th edition and it is going to be inaugurated on 4th April 2019. Just like every year, people are waiting eagerly for this without any doubt, the biggest cricket event after the World Cup. The IPL 2019 schedule is also out which you can see on our website as well. You can get the images and pdf for the schedule.

So, I guess it is the time that you start making your preparation for one of the biggest cricket events. This is an event where some of the biggest names of world cricket come and have a clash with each other over this title molded in gold. It comes a matter of pride and glory and when the biggest teams from different cities of India come across each other, it seems like a Clash of Titans.

So you must start preparing yourself for the event because now, only a few months are left. Also, the drafts are drawing nearer as well. You will soon which of the new players will soon be joining your favorite IPL 2019 team.

Since we have confirmed the IPL 2019 Start Date for you, you can now plan your event accordingly. We will be coming with all the latest updates on the event so you can know what is happening in the world of Indian Premier League.

If you are also looking for IPL 2019 Schedule, we have got that for you as well.

Never forget! 4th April 2019 is the date.

So, if you want to stay updated with the news from IPL 2019, stay tuned to our website.