IPL 2020 Final (Vivo IPL 13) – Live Streaming, Prediction & Tickets

Even before the start of the event, many cricket fans and gamblers who like bidding, they start betting on their favorites who may reach the final of the tournament. Well, this is thing led us to do an interesting article about the IPL 2020 Final which may seem too early to do but the things we will be covering are going to be really interesting for the fans. We will try to predict upon the basis of squads and the forms of the players whether which two of these eight teams are going to be in the final of IPL 2020. When it comes to Indian Premier League, it becomes very difficult to predict because of the tough competition but we will take our lucky guess. Also, in this article, we will have a look at history of all the IPL finals and then who turned out to be the winner.

History of IPL Finals.

For this article, we will first at all the teams who have previously won the title and this will be another factor on the basis of which we can predict the finalists or winners for IPL 2020 Final. So, let us now begin with this list which will tell you about the history of IPL Finals.

IPL 2008 Season 1 Final Winners:

Season 1 of IPL was played in 2008 and sponsored by DLF. Out of the eight teams which participated in the event, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings reached the finale and the title was lifted by Rajasthan Royals. Unfortunately, the winners of the first season of the Indian Premier League are no longer part of the tournament as the franchise got dissolved a couple of seasons ago. However, you can still see many players from this player in action playing for the other good teams of the events.

IPL 2009 Season 2 Final Winners:

IPL Season 2 was played in 2009 in South Africa due to general elections taking place in India at that time of the year. The event featured eight prominent franchisee teams, out of whom Deccan Chargers won the final by beating Royal Challengers Bangalore. Also, just like the first franchise winning the final, this one also got terminated and now the franchise representing the city are Sun Risers Hyderabad which just won its first match in the IPL 2020 against the Royal Challengers Bangalore and yes, they are one of the strong contenders for the title.

IPL 2010 Season 3 Final Winners:

Season 3 of IPL was again organized in India in 2010 and this time, it was broadcast on YouTube live. In the finals, Mumbai Indians were beaten by Chennai Super kings, who lifted the trophy for the first time in the event. After returning to the India and Chennai Super Kings winning the trophy, the tournament gained a lot of popularity and after that its graph never came down. Chennai Super Kings, a franchise which was captained by MS DHONI also got terminated later and now he is playing as the captain of Rise Pune Super Giants.

IPL 2011 Season 4 Final Winners:

IPL Season 4 was organized in 2011 and saw two new teams making an entry into the event- Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Pune Warriors India, which took the number of participant teams to 10. Chennai Super Kings became the champion two times in a row, by beating Royal Challengers Bangalore to win the cup. Chennai Super Kings has been an amazing and one of the top teams in the list of most popular teams in event and after their departure, a huge fan base was left behind which then choose different franchises where their favorite players left. This was the last IPL trophy the franchise had won and after playing a couple or three seasons more, they got terminated.

IPL 2012 Season 5 Final Winners:

Season 5 of IPL was held in 2012 and Chennai Super kings reached the finale yet again, contesting against Kolkata Knight Riders. However, CSK was not able to continue its winning spree this year and eventually, the title was bagged by KKR. Kolkata Knight Riders have a huge fan base since it is one of the biggest cities in India and the franchise owner is Shah Rukh Khan who is the biggest film star in the country. After a long journey in the Indian Premier League, the franchise finally won themselves a title.

IPL 2013 Season 6 Final Winners:

Season 6 of IPL came in 2013 and this year, the sponsorship of the tournament was taken over from DLF by Pepsi. This year, the final was won by Mumbai Indians, who beat Chennai Super Kings in an entertaining final match. It also saw the retirement of the legendary player Sachin Tendulkar from IPL. Sachin had won everything in his career and now all that remaining was to win himself an IPL trophy. Well, this finally happened when Mumbai Indians thrashed Chennai Super Kings in the final of event and won their first Indian Premier League trophy. This definitely was an unforgettable event.

IPL 2014 Season 7 Final Winners:

IPL 7 was partly played in UAE and the rest in India, due to Lok Sabha Elections of 2014. In the final, Kolkata Knight Riders contested against Kings XI Punjab and beat the latter in a thrilling match. Kolkata Knight Riders have a huge fan base since it is one of the biggest cities in India and the franchise owner is Shah Rukh Khan who is the biggest film star in the country. After a long journey in the Indian Premier League, the franchise finally won themselves another title. After this, they have not won a title yet but they seem favorites this year.

IPL 2015 Season 8 Final Winners:

The season 8 of IPL was started on 8th April, 2015 and the finale was played on 24th May, 2015. Mumbai Indians wins the title tag of IPL 2015 by defeating Chennai Super Kings team. Season 8 of IPL came in 2015 and this year, the sponsorship of the tournament was taken over from DLF by Pepsi. This year, the final was won by Mumbai Indians, who beat Chennai Super Kings in an entertaining final match. This was the second title won by the franchise in the Indian Premier League.

IPL 2016 Season 9 Final Winners:

One of the most entertaining T20 cricket tournament The Indian Premiere League (IPL) 9th Season has been started from 9th April 2016 and the finale was played on 29th May 2016. There are 8 teams participating in this tournament. The finale was played between Sunrisers hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore. In which Sunrisers hyderabad beats the RCB by 8 runs and win the tournament. Sunrisers Hyderabad have proved themselves as a big team in a very short span of time and if they keep playing like, they may win this year in IPL 2020 where they have already thrashed Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Who will win IPL 2020 Season 12? Predictions and Analysis.

While the commending dates of IPL 2020 is drawing nearer, the gossips and hype about the biggest cricket league is also reaching its heights. There are people who are simply gossiping about it while there is a huge number of people who are discussing, debating, and placing bets on the teams whether which one of these 8 IPL Teams is going to lift the IPL Trophy 2020. While we talk about trophy, predictions, and this makes the hottest of conversations about the tournament. While we are talking about the trophy, we will try to provide our analysis and prediction which are going to be based on squads and some other factors. You are definitely going to enjoy this short post in which we are going to predict a winner for IPL 2020. So, read ahead below and see what comes out next.

Our Predictions for 2020 Finals:

Though it may come as a shock to you and I think which should not, we are predicting that Royal Challengers Bangalore are going to be the winners of the event this year. I said that this may come as a surprise because this side is known as the choker of the tournament which always loses in semi-finals or finals of the tournament. If we look at the reason behind this, we see that even though they always had the strongest batting side having players like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, and AB De Villiers, they always lost because of the weak bowling attack. Now it seems that the owners took care of the problem and since they have signed some really good bowlers which you can see in Royal Challengers Bangalore Squad in IPL 2020, they seem like even balanced squad and that is why we can say that they are going to be the winners of the tournament this year.

So, these were predictions and analysis on who is going to be the winner of Indian Premier league 2020. There may be a lot of people who may want to disagree and give a different analysis and we welcome them all. Who do you think is going to be the winner of the IPL 2020 Final? To answer this question, to leave us your predictions and analysis, our feedback section is open for your guys. We will definitely mention the name of the people who will contribute to this poll. Being done with that let us, move to some of the other things such as IPL 2020, tickets, location, and date of the match.

IPL 2020 Final Tickets, Date, Location, and Watch Online:

Now we are going to tell you few important things if you want to catch the IPL 2020 final and these are tickets, location, and date of the match. So let us now begin with that.

IPL 2020 Final Tickets:

We have an article on the topic of tickets before and you should check that. For this article, we are going to tell you that quickly. If you are looking for tickets online then you can go to this site addressing ipl-ticket.net and there you can find tickets not just for the final but for the other matches as well. You can also check the fixtures and schedules so that you can keep track of the matches and reach there on the exact time to watch them. If you live in the city of Hyderabad where the final is going to be played, you can get tickets from the stadium as well.

IPL 2020 Final Location and Date:

This match is so big that people start searching for its date even before it is here. Well, since I mentioned date, you should know that the grand final will be on 21st May 2020. Other things people search is for a place where they can find tickets so they can the stadium and watch the live action there. Then there are some people who also search for the location, and at the end, there comes the people who can’t get to a stadium or a TV so they keep searching for the live streams on their phones. Well, don’t worry because today, we are going to help all of these people.

It is important to know the location of the Final before you search for its tickets and start planning. Well, the big city which is going to host IPL 2020 Final is the city of Hyderabad. Now for the citizens of this city, this is definitely going to be a big moment and other fans will be trying their best to reach there as well. There are good chances of Sunrisers Hyderabad reaching the finals of this year’s event and if that happens, we are about to see a lot of crowd that will be coming in great numbers to watch the final of this event. If you have read the predictions section of this article, we predicted Royal Challengers Bangalore to be the winner, both of these teams already had a clash in which Hyderabad thrashed Royal Challengers. It is also true that Bangalore were lacking their main players but still they had most of them but since it cricket, you never know what is going to happen in the end.

IPL 2020 Final Watch Online:

As soon as this match will air on 21st May 2020, we will telecast it live for you and you will be able to watch IPL 2020 Final Online.

So, this was everything about IPL 2020 Final such as tickets, predictions, location, and date. If you don’t want to miss this, stay tuned to our website for more updates and news on Indian Premier League 2020.