IPL 2020 Semi Final Live Streaming, Prediction, Location & Tickets

You guys must be very confident about your favorite team in Indian Premier League IPL 2020 reaching to semi-finals and final of the event or you simply are a very big fan of cricket who does not want to miss a catch single match and that is why you came here looking for the IPL 2020 Semi-Final and Final Locations. If any of the above two reasons brought you here then don’t worry because we are definitely going to tell you what you want to know. Since we know that event is going to take place on the dates from 5th April to 21st May and this makes one thing clear and that is the long term of the event and also the date of the finals which is going to be 21st of May in 2020. While we hope that may the better teams reach the finals, let us discuss what could be the possible locations of the tournament.

IPL 2018 Semi Final live streaming

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One thing about which we should be very clear and that is the place of this event is definitely going to be in India. It was back in 2009 when the organizers had to move to South Africa due to the bad circumstance in the country and afterwards, the rest of the events took place in India and this one is going to be as well. Let us now finally remove the curtain from the locations of semi-finals and finals of the tournament.

IPL 2020 Semi Final Location:

Since this tournament is based on qualifier system, the first qualifier is going to take place in Chennai and the second match which will be an eliminator, it will also be held in Chennai as well on the dates 16th and 17th May respectively. As for the next match which will be another qualifier, it will take place on the ground of Kolkata on 19th May 2019. Once the teams have qualified for the final, they will move to this big city of India and its location is mentioned below.

IPL 2017 Semi Final and Final Locations

IPL 2020 Final Location:

The teams who will qualify for the final will reach this big city of Hyderabad for it at the date 21st May and this is when this massive tournament will end. This is also when will witness the champion of IPL 2019.

IPL 2017 Semi Final and Final Locations

So, once you have known the locations, you can now book your tickets and travel to watch the final matches of your favorite tournament.

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