IPL 2020 Top 10 Most Expensive Players

Here is my Top 10 Most Expensive Players of IPL 2020. Apart from the Inimable Shakib Al Hasan, I have also selected a few other players. Enjoy the photos and read the profiles to find out about their life story, their history, their careers, and other things.

I always like to see players’ names in a capsule, so I have decided to put an added word before their names. My Top 10 Most Expensive Players of IPL will include Pakistan’s super cricketer Shoaib Malik and Pakistani golf champion Shahid Afridi. Even though I have left them out, both these players are truly in elite class. Both of them are indeed one of the true legends of their era.

The Last Stand of Shahid Afridi’s Career – It is quite a surprise that we see Shahid Afridi entering a similar period in his career as Shakib Al Hasan’s did, when the latter had already won six World Cups. However, at the moment, Afridi is in a different stage of his career than Shakib, which makes it difficult to decide his place among the elite cricketers.

Pakistani Golfers Takes Over – Pakistan has already claimed many titles, especially in golf, but the Country’s Olympic Gold Medalists and Olympic golfers made the most of the potential. I personally have decided to give more respect to the Country’s national sportspeople, if they are going to show prowess in some other field.

Pakistan’s Excellent Football Players – Pakistan has a lot of talented footballers. However, it has to be said that the Country’s best footballers are yet to emerge. It is necessary for the Country to fill this gap and create the great football nation that its football fans are longing for.

Pakistan Is Also Full of Martial Arts – Baniyas are the only true Martial Arts athletes in Pakistan. These fighters have the ability to fight against many opponents, both male and female. Baniyas are truly a powerful force to reckon with.

Karate Is Developing in Pakistan – With the growth of Karate, the Dynamic Art Form is gaining much attention of the people of Pakistan. Karate has seen a steady growth over the years, due to the advancement of technology and martial arts knowledge. Karate has an aura of power that is unique and different from other martial arts.

Aesthetics and Tastes Matter When It Comes to Sport Activities – Pakistan’s love affair with sporting events has been increasing over the years. While the country is always passionate about its sporting events, it seems that it is now starting to grow into something bigger than what it was in the past. This trend has really surprised me.

Pakistani Women are now Staying Apart From Stereotypes – There are still many stereotypes about Pakistanis in terms of their personality and character. Pakistani women are slowly starting to get more respect in the sports world.

You Cannot Say Bad About Them – The Newbies in India is certainly highly excited about Indian Cricket and other sports. They cannot wait to see their own team win. Due to this, the India team has been drawing a lot of crowd are continuously cheering for their own team.

I really hope that you will enjoy this article and use it as a starting point for your journey through the World of IPL. For more information about IPL and other sports, visit the official website and the forum. Please share your thoughts and views in the comments section below.