Vivo IPL 2020 Live Streaming Channels | How to Watch Live IPL 2020 Matches

If you are already feeling pumped and exciting since the release date for IPL 13 has been announced, well, you are just right to enjoy that feeling. Watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming online free without any subscription.

Enjoy the amazing gala of T20 cricket for which Indian cricket fans wait for a full year and then enjoy two months of amazing non stop live cricket. According to IPL Schedule 2019 IPL 2020 is going to start on 23rd April 2020, I think that is the time that you start planning to watch it as well.

  • How to watch live IPL 2020 online

  • Which TV channel will show IPL 2020 in India?

  • How to watch ‘IPL 2020’ Live for free

  • Which websites provide IPL live streaming right now?


Today, in this article on Vivo IPL 2020 Live Streaming, we are going to discuss the different online means of watching the match including our website where we will be providing the free IPL Live Streaming as soon as the event will start. The online stream which we will bring will definitely be best in terms of quality and moreover, it is going to an absolutely free live stream.


IPL is one of the biggest cricket events which happens across 8 different cities in India since there are eight teams taking part from the respective cities. As far as watching in the stadium is concerned, you cannot always make it there due to many reasons. One of the reasons is that you might not be living in India or one of the cities where the matches are held.

Also, except for matches such as the Semi-Final and Final, it is not generally affordable for the public to join the entertainment. That is why most of the people in the country and other countries all over the world rely on television transmission and the live streams on the internet. However, there must be some good online channels and this is another of things we will be discussing here just so you never miss match from this massive tournament.

Watch Vivo IPL 2020 Online Free Live Streaming:

If you are on this page until April when the tournament will start, you know you aren’t going to find the stream yet. However, you can bookmark this page right now just so you can know that when the tournament will start, we will start telecasting the live streaming for you and that is for sure.

However, today, besides telling what you are going to find on this page, we are also going to discuss the amazing features of our IPL 2019 live stream. There might be many online websites telecasting the stream but you would want to be here for the real fun in the amazing quality which you cannot expect from other websites. So for the live IPL 12 stream, you are just at the right place to get it for which bookmarking this page is a must.

Well, I think it is the time now that we talk about the features which you will be enjoying right now on this stream. As far as the quality is concerned, we will be bringing you three different options. The first option will be the low-quality stream which is obviously for the people with slower internet speeds or lower data packages. This low-quality stream will be at 360p. The second options are the medium-quality stream which we are going telecast for you in 480p. Now, of course, you are going to need a better internet connection for this option. Also, either make sure that you are using a Wi-Fi connection or a bigger data plan to enjoy this stream.

Now, for those of you who are looking forward to watching IPL 2019 Live Streaming in HD, we are going provide that as well. However, make sure that the internet connection you have is either good quality fiber or the 4G because while there is too much load on the servers during the stream, you will only be able to enjoy a buffer-free stream on a faster internet connection and with a bigger data plan from your service provider.

When the tournament is going to commence, you will find your link to watch the matches for free so never forget to bookmark this page.

Miscellaneous Channels to Watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming:

Just in case you are facing any issue while streaming IPL live on our website you must know about the alternatives. We don’t want you to miss this amazing event and here we are some with some alternatives where we are going to mention some other best websites for IPL live streams. We shall begin now. For those of you who have been watching cricket online for a long time now, you must have heard of this website for at least once. Many of you would be those who are the regular fans of the website. Well, this is a website for live cricket stream where you can watch every international and domestic cricket tournament being played all across the world. Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you start watching cricket on this website. They provide you the streams for absolutely free. Also, you can enjoy cricket in different qualities from low to HD depending on the speed of your internet connection. There are a lot of different streaming website you do not know about and that is okay. However, I don’t know a single cricket fan who does not know about the largest website for getting free cricket updates, live scores, fixtures, news, articles, and games. ESPN is one of the largest sports networks all over the world the way they cover cricket on their website is simply amazing. So being an IPL fan, you can now hit this website and while you are not able to watch the match, you will be able to see the live scores, news, fixtures, and also the ball-by-ball commentary. Not just that, you will be able to track each and every player especially your favorite players, their career stats, and how they are doing in the tournament.

So in the end, I would mention again that do not forget to bookmark this page so you can enjoy the free IPL 2019 Live Streaming on our website. This IPL 12th edition is going to be epic so make sure that you keep visiting our website for each and every update. Stay Tuned!

How to Watch IPL 2020: Indian Premier League Live Streaming.


The long wait will finally be over when Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 will inaugurate on 23rd, March, 2019. We just got done with PSL 2019 and it is insinuating that even bigger cricket league is upon us. Don’t forget to be there on the IPL 2019 live ceremony after which the first match will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. If you are here for Indian Premier League Live streaming links, well, you are just at the right place.

IPL has a huge fan base and every year, thousands of people come to stadiums to watch the event. Also, there are millions of Indians and other cricket all across the world who enjoy the event on their TV screens and the internet live cricket streams.

If you aren’t going to make it to the stadium or your TV screens, you will need the best IPL live streaming sources using which you can watch the event on laptops and mobile screens. Before we provide you that, here is a quick description of some important IPL details:

  • IPL 2019 Start & Date: 23rd March to 19th May, 2019.
  • Teams playing in IPL 2019: 8
  • Country: India

Watch IPL 2020 Live with Fastest VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect to online websites without any interruption and also keep your online data safe. If you want to learn how to watch IPL 2019 live streaming, we recommend that you do it with Fastest VPN which is one of the best virtual private network services out there.

Using Fastest VPN will allow you to stream all matches of IPL from various web streams while providing the best and fast connection. You can use this VPN on your Android, Laptops, iPhones, and KODI devices.

To do that, we will need to take you through a step-by-step guide.

How to Watch Indian Premier League with Fastest VPN:

First, you will need to subscribe to one of the packages of Fastest VPN. If you don’t trust the product, go for a free 7-day trial. Seven days later, you will have used it enough to know all features of the app and build your trust. After buying the subscription, follow the steps listed below to watch IPL with Fastest VPN:

  • After the subscription, install Fastest VPN app on your mobile.
  • Make sure that for watching IPL, you are connected to an Indian server.
  • Open the official website of Indian Premier League for free IPL live streaming.
  • Now, stream the match on that particular match day and enjoy.

Channels Broadcasting Indian Premier League:

People from all over the world love Indian Premier League. Thus, there are various broadcasters in every country with the official rights from BCCI to broadcast the event. Enlisted below is the list of channels broadcasting Indian Premier League in different countries:

  • com and Star Sports Network in India
  • Sky Sports in the United Kingdom
  • Willow TV in the USA
  • Super Sport Network in South Africa
  • SLRC in Sri Lanka
  • Star Hub in Singapore
  • Geo Super in Pakistan
  • Sky Sport NZ in New Zealand
  • Astro Cricket HD in Malaysia
  • PCCW in Hong Kong
  • Sports Max in Caribbean
  • ATN Cricket Plus HD in Canada
  • GAZI TV in Bangladesh
  • LEMAR TV in Afghanistan
  • Fox Sports in Australia

So this was the complete list of channels with broadcasting rights for IPL.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on KODI/XMBC?

KODI is an open-source media platform where you can watch live cricket and other entertainment stuff. It is owned by XMBC and if you want to watch Indian Premier League live on KODI, here is a step-by-step guide for doing that:

  • Make sure that you have KODI subscription.
  • After that, open the media player and open settings.
  • The settings are presented by the ‘gear icon’ on the interface.
  • Open the file manage there and also double click ‘Add Source’.
  • You will then need to add ‘Sports Devil’ as your source.
  • Click ‘OK’ after adding the source and get back to homescreen.
  • For adding the next ‘add-on’ which is required, download ‘’.
  • After installing this add-on, you will be able to watch the IPL live stream.

The other add-ons you can use in KODI to watch Indian Premier League live are ZEM TV and Secret VIP TV. For ZEM TV, here is how you get the live stream:

  • Open ‘Sports Section’ in the media player.
  • Then enter the cricket section.
  • Now open the match you want to see.

For Secret VIP TV, here is how you run the stream:

  • Run RS IPTV by clicking on the icon.
  • Then open Sports IPTV and after that, click Live TV.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on ROKU?

ROKU is another open-source media platform where you can stream networks like DD Sports, Star Sports, and Ten Sports network. For that, make sure that you have Fastest VPN subscription for the best experience. Here is how you watch IPL live on ROKU:

  • Sign up and sign in to Fastest VPN.
  • Make sure that you are connected via a router.
  • You will now need to connect your router to ROKU device.
  • Using in ROKU’s browser, you can now play IPL live stream.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on Apple TV?

The procedure of playing IPL on Apple TV isn’t too different from ROKU. So for that we will not be mentioning the complete step-by-step procedure, keep in mind that you will need to connect Apple TV device to your router and then play IPL live streaming in the browser. A Fastest VPN subscription for this is important.

How to Watch Indian Premier League on iOS?

It even gets easier when you are on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad or a Mac PC. For that, you will need to use any IPL live streaming link we are providing in this article. When you are in India, make sure to use an Indian IP with Fastest VPN.

Well, if you don’t quite get the idea, here is a step-by-step guide to watch Indian Premier League on iOS using Fastest VPN:

  • Make sure to get a subscription for Fastest VPN and install the app.
  • Connect to an Indian IP using the app and download Hot Star app as well.
  • Now watch IPL Live Streaming using any streaming source on
  • Of course, you will be using Safari browser which is the official browser on iOS.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on Android?

The method to watch IPL live on Android isn’t quite different from what you did on the iOS. However, here, you will be using Chrome Browser,, and of course, an Indian IP for running the Indian Premier League live stream. When you have the Hot Star app, you can also get ball by ball updates of IPL.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on Mac?

Since Mac also runs iOS, do what we taught you in the iOS section of the guide and you will be able to watch Indian Premier League Live on Mac as well. Again, you will be on website or app to watch IPL since they have got the official rights for showing the tournament.

How to Watch Indian Premier League on PS4?

Gaming consoles like Ps4 have been upgraded for browsing and YouTube streaming. Now, you can also watch Indian Premier League live on Ps4. For that, we have mentioned a step-by-step guide so you can do that with ease:

  • Make sure you are already subscribed and connect to Fastest VPN.
  • Use the same configuration in India as your internet router.
  • Now connect your router to your PlayStation 4.
  • Launch app or website for IPL Live Streaming on Ps4.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on PC?

PC is the king of all platforms and watching IPL live streaming on your personal computer is easier than ever. You can watch IPL live streaming on various websites and apps, however, we recommend the following guide which is official and 100% works:

  • Open Fastest VPN website and buy the subscription you can afford.
  • Now, download the Fastest VPN app PC version and install it.
  • Open the app and sign in using the credentials you entered on the website.
  • Connect to the VPN server depending on the country you are in.
  • Now the rest is easy where you can to IPL streams.
  • The easiest is when you use and use an Indian IP.

How to Watch Indian Premier League Live on DD Channel?

DD has become a major platform for enjoying Indian movies, television series, and sports live streaming. For DD National IPL Live Streaming, make sure that you have got an account for that. Sign in to their website or app using the credentials after signing up and use their best sources enjoy Indian Premier League on DD Free Dish.

How to Watch IPL in UK?

Sky Sports and ESPN are the biggest networks in UK which always bring all cricket leagues and international cricket live broadcasts. So for watching IPL in UK, make sure that you have one of these channels. Fastest VPN is available worldwide so this alternative is always available there as well.

How to Watch IPL in Australia?

Fox Sports is the biggest network and broadcaster of Cricket in Australia. Not just in Australia, this is also one of the biggest sports networks in the world. To watch IPL in Australia, you must have any of Fox Sports channels and you will be good to go.

How to Watch IPL in Dubai?

In Dubai since there is a huge fan base of cricket, there are plenty of channels besides Fastest VPN subscription. So you can tune into networks like OSN Sports or Star Cricket HD to watch IPL in Dubai.

How to Watch IPL in the USA?

Willow TV and ESPN are the leading channels which broadcast cricket leagues like IPL and PSL. If you want to watch IPL in the USA, get either of these channels or a good Fastest VPN subscription

How to Watch IPL in Canada?

If you are a Canadian citizen with special love for cricket, make sure that your cable or dish network offers you ATN Cricket Plus HD channel where IPL will be broadcasted live. If you can’t get this channels, make sure that you are subscribed to Fastest VPN for that.

How to Watch IPL in China and Japan?

Though there aren’t any live sports channels in China and Japan for live cricket broadcasting of IPL, you can still Indian Premier League in these countries using Fastest VPN subscription and app. So make sure that you have a good internet connection and also the VPN subscription to enjoy IPL live streaming in China and Japan.

How to Watch IPL on ESPN?

ESPN will be bringing Indian Premier League live broadcast in UK, USA, and other regions where there channel subscriptions are available. If your region doesn’t have ESPN, you can still get all the free IPL live updates and news on

How to Watch IPL on Jadoo TV?

Jadoo TV brings the best internet-based content in South Asia Pacific region. Being one of the biggest platform, they are also bringing the free IPL live streaming. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  • Install the Jadoo TV app on your pc.
  • For watching Live TV, enter that section.
  • In the sports category, you can find various channels for IPL Live Streaming.
  • Click on any channel and enjoy Indian Premier League live on Jadoo TV.


So in this detailed article, we discussed various platforms all across the world where you can watch Indian Premier League Live Streaming. The article mainly discussed Fastest VPN on which you can IPL and is one of the best VPN subscription in the world. If you want to get more IPL news and updates, make sure that you keep visiting our website.