IPL Trophy 2019 (Predictions & More)

While the commending dates of IPL 2019 is drawing nearer, the gossips and hype about the biggest cricket league is also reaching its heights. There are people who are simply gossiping about it while there is a huge number of people who are discussing, debating, and placing bets on the teams whether which one of these 8 IPL Teams is going to lift the IPL Trophy 2019. While we talk about trophy, predictions, and this makes the hottest of conversations about the tournament. While we are talking about the trophy, we will try to provide our analysis and prediction which are going to be based on squads and some other factors. You are definitely going to enjoy this short post in which we are going to predict a winner for IPL Trophy 2019. So, read ahead below and see what comes out next.

IPL Trophy 2019 (Predictions & More)

IPL Trophy 2019 Predictions:

Even though I am not some big expert of the game but still using the experience I got over the years, there are few guesses about the tournament which we can make. At the end of the tournament, we shall see whether how many of these predictions are going to be true.

IPL Trophy 2019 Winner Prediction:

Though it may come as a shock to you and I think which should not, we are predicting that Royal Challengers Bangalore are going to be the winners of the event this year. I said that this may come as a surprise because this side is known as the choker of the tournament which always loses in semi-finals or finals of the tournament. If we look at the reason behind this, we see that even though they always had the strongest batting side having players like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, and AB De Villiers, they always lost because of the weak bowling attack. Now it seems that the owners took care of the problem and since they have signed some really good bowlers which you can see in Royal Challengers Bangalore Squad in IPL 2019, they seem like even balanced squad and that is why we can say that they are going to be the winners of the tournament this year.

Now this event which is going to start from the 5th April, might come with amazing surprises and some of them may shock us. Cricket is the most unpredictable game which can turn around at any time. Well, all you can hope that it is your team which lifts this year’s IPL Trophy 2019. Keep checking our site for more amazing stuff on Vivo IPL 12.