IPLGuide International Scholarship Program 2019-2020

 The IPL GUIDE Scholarship Program 



IPL GUIDE has introduced  Cricket promotion Scholarship program in the field of Sports keeping in mind the need of the Sports and Physical Activities in the life of Youth. The Company aims to assist its respectable users to get cricket awareness as this would help in bringing people out of the tech and electronics mind and help students built a healthy physique.

The increasing trends in Mobile Phones, Laptops, Computers, Tablets have made youth very dependent on technology and that’s why many health issues including obesity, heart issues, sleep disorders are arsing in the youth as per Research. We Value the Sports Activites and that’s why we have decided to Provide Sports Promoting Initiative. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule PDF

For this purpose, we have created, The IPL GUIDE Scholarship Program for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with the passion of “Writing Skills”.


The Scholarship
This is a Half Yearly scholarship with a value
of $1000. There will be two time windows a  IPL Live Streaming 2019
year to apply for the scholarship.
The scholarship will be decided through
a Writing Skills and awarded to 3 students who get top 3 positions.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The students applying for the scholarship must be enrolled in the university (Please Mention the University Name and enrolment no).
  • The Student must provide a recommendation letter from the Unit Controller or Head of the Department.
  • Must have strong analytical skills and excellent writing ability.
  • University Registration Letter.
  • A student must have a SGPA of 3.0 or higher from most recent Semester.                                         ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Live Streaming 
Enrollments Dates
  • Open (The Scholarship will close on May 15, 2019)

Submit an article of 1000 words or more, please elaborate on:

Choose any Topic from the following

  • Health
  • Physical fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Balanced Diet
  • Sports
  • Healthy Life Style
  • Importance of Sports in Life

The students must provide the Name of University and educational level (Grad or Post Grad)

Final Review And Winner’s Announcement

The submissions will be reviewed under the following criteria:

  • English Language will be preferred.
  • Proper use of grammar.
  • Impressive writing skills.
  • One’s own creativity level (Interest)
  • Evaluation of sources.
  • Splendid Presentation

Our experts in the field will evaluate the articles on the basis of the quality of the content/presentation/research. The Selection team will Consist of 3 Ph.D. experts and will analyze the content Quality, Creativity and writing ability.


Submission of Article

Fill up the Form with your details. We just ask details to contact the winner. The participants are required to submit the Article below. The article should be in the .docx format.  Please apply within the given time. Article submitted after the due date will not be considered eligible for the contest.

Our aim is to provide equal opportunity for each student applying for the scholarship. The names of the 3 Winners will be displayed here. The winners will be notified through email. Winners of the Scholarship will be asked for a testimonial to be placed on the site to help encourage future students to participate actively more in such activities. Wish you best of Luck!!!