Top 5 Famous Fights of IPL

This is a just a fun blog and something unusual coming from our website but trust me you will definitely want to know this for fun. A sports pitch is a place where anything could happen since everyone is trying their best to prove their selves to the world and in these intense conditions, sportsmen could lose their minds or get emotional sometimes. In this article, I am going to tell you stories of top 5 famous fights of IPL where things went very wrong. So, let us begin with this fun article now.

Top 5 Famous IPL Fights

1. When Kohli went against Umpire.

Well, the story behind this fight is quite interesting. A nail biter was happening between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sun Risers Hyderabad. All of a sudden, rain invaded the match and due to the wet on-field conditions, the umpire wanted to stop the match. On the edge of a great win, the captain of RCB Virat Kohli didn’t want that to happens and since match was about to be won, he argued with umpire over continuing the match and this later turned into a massive fight. This story made a good place in the newspapers and television for quite a long time. A lot of cricket experts and television experts criticized the captain for his rude behavior. This was not first time he had done this and he is already known for his aggressive behavior on the pitch. Virat Kohli has faced trouble many times due to this kind of attitude and even though is a great talent in cricket, he is often despised due to all this.  About the fight though, it ended with apologies which for sure was a positive thing.

2. Kohli vs. Gautam Gambhir.

Here is another story of the guy we just finished talking about enough and here is is giving another story so that we may continue about it. Virat Kohli has definitely a hot head and here is a story of another of his fight which happened in 2013 in match of Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Kolkata Knight Riders. It so happened that Kohli got out at a crucial stage of the match and this got Gambhir over-excited. So, he ran past the leaving batsman maybe showing some bad manners and that was something that got Virat really angry. They yelled at each other and before anything worse could happen, other players came between and sent Virat away. Again, this has been in the news and all over the media for quite a long time and expert saw this as something very bad for the cricket. Once again Kohli won most of the heat and some people also went hard on Gambhir since he could have handled it better being the senior in the sport and also an elder for his younger mate.

3. Harbajhan vs. Rayudu.

Ever since the start of the Indian Premier League, we have seen some major blows happening in the form of different players fighting with each other and this sometimes seems okay due to the heat of the moment. Mostly, these are opponents who get involved badly with each other but here is a story where of two team mates from the Mumbai Indians. You have got to be more tolerant towards your players especially when you need them to be in your mind during the tough minutes of the match but may be this is something Harbajhan did not understand. This event happened between these two players in IPL 2016 in match of Mumbai Indians vs. RPS. While Harbajhan was bowling, he got hit for a boundary which Rayudu tried his best to save but even after a good effort, the bowler yelled at him. This got the man angry since he was being yelled at instead of receiving appreciation for his effort. The fight, however, didn’t proceed ahead and the guys ended up at good team mates. Well, this was just another of those stories from the Indian Premier League which people are about to remember for a long time.

4. Yusuf Pathan vs Dale Steyn.

Dale Steyn is also one of those players who is known for his hot head during the matches and this is something which got him into trouble many times. On the other side, Yusuf Pathan is also someone who is not known for his good behavior during the cricket matches and especially when it is IPL, players take it for granted. So, when the two of these hot heads happened to dislike each other, the event which is stated ahead happened. In a match of Sun Risers Hyderabad vs. Kolkata Knight Riders, Yusuf Pathan and Dale Steyn simply couldn’t control their angers. While Yusuf played Dale’s bowl very fine, dale definitely didn’t like it and passed few remarks which got Yusuf angry and this turned into a little fight which of course ended soon. Both of these players got fined for their behavior and we should hope that when they meet next time, everything is forgotten and forsaken.

5. Pollard vs. Starc.

The last event which was about to get really horrific and this could be really bad for the reputation of the tournament. The West Indians are mostly the players who like to remain calm and happy on the pitch unless they are provoked. Something like this happened when Mitchel Starc, an Australian speed star tried to mock Keiron Pollard in a match of Indian Premier league. In match of Mumbai Indians vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2014, Pollard at first controlled his anger when Starc passed few comments after bowling a good bouncer. The West Indian couldn’t control the next time and tried to throw his bat straight at the Australian which he survived. It would seem that Pollard would not stop but all that also ended in peace. This also made to the news but disappeared as soon as the players apologized each other and let it all flow in the air.

So, I hope you really enjoyed reading this article while you were reading the stories of Top 5 famous fights in IPL. Keep visiting our website for more stuff that is about to happen in IPL 2017.