Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasting Channels and Countries 2019

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest league event of Cricket. It has millions of viewers all across the world and since it needs to broadcast on television as well, there is a long list of channels who get in queue to buy its broadcasting rights. For those who will not be watching the Vivo IPL 12 matches in the ground, you will need a list of channels in different countries who are going to broadcast this upcoming cricket event. In this article, you are going to set a list of different countries and channels in them who are going to broadcast Vivo IPL 12. So, let us get going with our list.

Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasting Channels and Countries 2019

Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasters in India:

The population of India is more than 1 billion and only thousands of them get to watch in the stadium. Rest of the people tune in to their Television sets to watch the live matches of IPL. Since it is an Indian cricket league, most of the broadcasting rights are given to the channels there and given below is a list of channels who will broadcast this year’s event.

  1. Sony MAX.
  2. Sony SIX.
  3. Sony ESPN.
  4. Star Cricket Franchise.

Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasters in Pakistan:

Even though both of these countries had difference even in the field of cricket and Pakistani players are not playing since the first IPL edition, there is still a great number of cricket lovers who watch this event from Pakistan. Unfortunately, there are only two sports channels in Pakistan and only one of them named ‘Geo Super’ owns the broadcasting rights. Since there are no other options, people get to stick to this channel or they get services like Dish TV HD and others for better IPL entertainment.

 Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasters in Bangladesh:

Just like Pakistan, there is only channel which broadcasts IPL events and the one broadcasting this year’s event will be MAASRANGA who has been broadcasting it since 2008.

Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasters in United States:

Though cricket is a sport which is not popular around the parts of United States, there is a good number of Pakistani and Indian people living there. That is why someone needed to broadcast the event for them and that is when the one of the biggest sport channels ESPN kicked in. In United States, you can watch IPL live by tuning in to ESPN.

Vivo IPL 12 Broadcasters in United Kingdom and Africa:

UK has a long history of cricket and that is why there is a huge fan base of IPL who want to see their country stars in the action. For them, channels such as Sky Sports and ITV4 broadcast the event live every year. As for Africa, you can watch the live action of IPL by tuning in to the Super Sports network.

Vivo IPL 12 Other Honorable Broadcasters:

Some of the other honorable broadcasters all across the world which we don’t want to miss are Ten Sports, Star Hub, OSN Sports, Sports Net, and PCCW.

Updated: October 2, 2018 — 10:20 pm

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